CIIT Lahore Publications - All Years
Journal Papers
Fozia Shaheen, Muhammad Hammad Aziz, Muhammad Atif, Mahvish Fatima, Riaz Ahmad, Atif Hanif, Saqib Anwar, Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam , Fatima Zafar, Ghazanfar Abbas, Syed Mansoor Ali and Mukhtar Ahmad (2018), "An In Vitro Study of the Photodynamic Effectiveness of GO-Ag Nanocomposites Against Human Breast Cancer Cells ", Nanomaterials, Impact Factor: 1.7    
Sahibzada M. Ali, Muhammad Jawad, Feng Guo, Arshad Mehmood, Bilal Khan, Jacob Glower, and Samee U. Khan (2018), "Ancillary Services Model for Data Centers and Power Systems", IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, pp: XX, Vol: XX, Issue: XX, Impact Factor: 3.3     (External URL)
Arshad Jamal, Lubna Shahzadi, Samreen Ahtzaz, Saba Zahid, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Ihtesham Rehman, Muhammad Yar (2018), "Identification of anti-cancer potential of doxazocin: loading into chitosan based biodegradable hydrogels for on-site delivery to treat cervical cancer", Material Science and Engineering C, pp: 102–109, Vol: 82, Impact Factor: 4.164     (External URL)
A Hannan, A E Bajwa, S Riaz, U Arshad, S Saleem, U I Bajwa (2018), "In vitro Salmonella Typhi Biofilm Formation on Gallstones and its Disruption by Manuka Honey", Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, pp: 00, Vol: 31, Issue: 1, Impact Factor: 0.682     (External URL)
Kyophilavong, P., Shahbaz, M., Rehman, I., Souksavath S. and Chanthasene, S. (2018), "Investigating the Relationhsip between Trade Balance and the Exchange Rate: The Case of Laos’ Trade with Thailand", Global Business Review, Vol: 19, Issue: 4    
Conference Papers
Naeem Mirza, Ali Nawaz Khan (Jan 2017) "Bluetooth Low Energy based Communication Framework for Intra Vehicle Wireless Sensor Networks", Proc. of 15th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, Pakistan, pp: 1-5, Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Standard: 0-7695-6347-3/17     (External URL)
Syed Asad Hussain, S. Akbar, I. Raza (2017) "A Dynamic Multipath Scheduling Protocol (DMSP) for Full Performance Isolation of Links in Software Defined Networking (SDN)", Workshop on Recent Trends in Telecommunications Research (RTTR), Massey University New Zealand, February 10, 2017    
Muhammad Hamza Latif, Muhammad Ajmal, Farooq Ahmad, Junaid Alam, Asma Saleem (2017) "LA-VIE: A serious game for cardiopulmonary resuscitation", 2017 IEEE 5th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH)     (External URL)
Hafiz Zahid Mahmood and Atiq Amjad (2016) "“Bai Salam and Agro-Production Business Nexus: A Case of Wheat Producing Farmers In Faisalabad, Pakistan”. ", “Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference    
Mahmood, H. Z and Irfan Safdar (2016) "“Qarz E Hassan and Social Welfare Nexus: A Case of Akhuwat Foundation, Pakistan”", Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference